Two-Way Radio Rental

We Offer Two-Way Radio Rental for These Industries

Industrial Communications, Inc. provides radio rentals throughout the Permian Basin. We are committed to providing our customers with the best radios and services in the industry at a competitive price.

With an emphasis on customer service, we strive to make your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible by offering superior equipment and prompt delivery of your rental order.

Whether you need a two-way radio for one day or multiple units for an extended time, we can help provide you with what you need so that you can focus on doing what is important – running your business.

At Industrial Communications, Inc, we offer customized communication solutions for a wide range of industries, including –


The vehicle-mounted and handheld two-way radio systems we offer at INDUSTRIAL COMMUNICATIONS, INC are perfect for educational institutions to help with bus management, pick-up and drop-off communications, in-school security, event management, and more. 

Whatever your educational institution’s campus size, trust Industrial Communications, Inc to provide communication solutions for seamless connectivity among your employees, security team, and staff.


Customer service is the top priority in hospitality, and communication is the key ingredient in offering that. Our two-way radio stations keep the teams and team members connected. 

It is a must-have in hotels for security, maintenance staff, housekeeping, reception areas, valet staff, and more. 

Our handheld radios empower your hospitality team for coordinated management and offer fast, reliable, and better services to your guests around the clock. 


Maintaining security and attending to tenants’ needs quickly is a top priority for facilities managers. 

Industrial Communications, INC’s handheld radios help meet the communication needs of facility managers, managing homes, apartments, condos, and offices. 

Oil & Gas Industry

Seamless and quick communication is vital to efficient operations in oil and gas as well as petro and chemical sector, whether on the field or in the office. Moreover, fast communication is important in hazardous work conditions, ensuring quick action and resolution. 

This is where Industrial Communications, Inc’s mobile, portable, and base station radio system can help. 

We also provide customized repeaters for an extended range in rural locales, large campuses, and industrial complex structures. 

Utilities & Public Works

A two-way mobile radio solution is a much better alternative to mobile phones in utilities and public works spaces. It helps cut costs while ensuring smooth and seamless communication. 

At Industrial Communications, Inc, we also offer vehicle installation of our advanced two-way radios for various sectors, including water districts, sanitation, public works department, utilities, and more. 

Public Safety

Effective communication can mean the difference between life and death in the public safety sector. We focus on providing customized communication solution that keeps your team and public safety agents connected without any downtime. 

We also offer two-way radio installation and a wide range of public safety radio accessories on public safety fleets and dispatch vehicles. 


Every second counts when your job saves lives, which is why numerous hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide use our two-way radios. 

With Industrial Communications, Inc’s two-way radio communication setup, you’ll never have to worry about staying connected with your team and employees during emergencies and security situations. 


In construction, seamless communication is pivotal to meeting tight deadlines and schedules. With our two-way radios, you can stay connected to your team from your office or vehicle. 

Moreover, you can even use our portable radios for communication on-site, which are made to work even in the toughest construction sites. 

Transportation Logistics

Communication is integral in improving customer service and logistics performance, and it is what our base station and mobile two-way radio can help you with. 

We offer comprehensive fleet installation for various transportation and logistics-based sectors, including airlines, rail, towing, mobile services, delivery, and more. 

You can’t go wrong with mobile two-way radio and base stations – trust us on that!


Our two-way radios and base stations will help you stay connected with your manufacturing and security teams and ensure the production line operates efficiently. 

At Industrial Communications, Inc, we also provide accessories for hands-free operation, noise-cancelling headsets, remote speakers and mics, repeaters across your manufacturing campus, and more. 

When it comes to communication solutions, we don’t cut corners and go the extra mile to ensure you’re always connected with zero downtime. 


Uninterrupted and seamless communication is important for quick customer service and fraud prevention in the retail industry. 

Portable and handheld two-way radio systems from Industrial Communications, Inc will help you keep a check on the suspicious customer, manage disasters quickly, and run price checks without delays. 

The big names trust our comprehensive and customized communication solutions in the retail industry. Try one of our portable radio models today and check out the difference yourself!


Fast and seamless communication plays a key role in managing huge events in a coordinated manner. It is the reason why event managers across the Permian Basin trust our two-way portable handheld radios. 

Cell phones aren’t effective in managing events, and it is where powerful two-way radio systems come into play. 

Our custom communication solutions and devices will help you with crowd control, disaster management, emergency responses, and security management. 

Do you need a communication solution for any industry not mentioned here?

Contact us today to consult our in-house communication expert, and we will guide you in the right direction with your communication needs.