Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Buildings, Vehicles, RVs & More

Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Improve Your Cell Phone Signal. Maximize Your Cell Signal Strength. Never Miss a Call Again.

If you are experiencing dropped calls, unsent text messages or slow email loading, stop talking to yourself and talk to us. Purchase a cell phone signal booster and bring that signal into your building! It will amplify the signal for all cellular-connected devices, phones, tablets, and laptops

Driving in weak signal areas are not only frustrating but can be dangerous. Reduce the chances of lost signal with a boost for your vehicle We will install to assure proper operation.

Whether you’re at home, work, or on the road, cell phone signal boosters from Industrial Communications will help you stay connected. Our cell signal boosters make slow data and dropped calls a thing of the past. 

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What Is a Cell Phone Booster?

Cell phone boosters amplify an existing signal to improve cell phone coverage within the current range of your device and give you a better signal. Boosters are helpful for home, office, cars, trucks or other vehicles and particularly helpful in metal buildings, in rural areas or when traveling through areas with weak signal.

Cell phone boosters only work to amplify the current signal so they will NOT work if there is no coverage at all. But since they can amplify a weak signal – when coverage is spotty or you are receiving even a weak signal, installing a booster may give you a usable signal.

How Does a Cell Phone Booster Work?


Cell phones communicate with a local cell tower with Radiofrequency (or RF) waves. These waves can travel a very long way over open air, but will lose power when they have to travel through objects such as walls, cars or RVs.

A booster works by allowing an antenna on the outside to pick up the signal and pass the signal along to an amplifier. This amplified signal then is passed along to transmitters which are installed inside the building or vehicle allowing the users to get good reception indoors or in a vehicle.

Are There Cell Signal Boosters for My Vehicle or RV?

There are several types of cell phone signal boosters on the market today. Experiencing poor signal when you are on the road or within your RV can be frustrating and a cell phone booster installation in your vehicle or RV can be a great option.

Many people get cell phone boosters installed in their car, truck or RV to improve their cell phone signal to make working or communicating easier when on the go.

We can help you choose the right booster for your purposes

Our Cell Phone Booster Installation Services


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