2-Way & Motorola Radio Equipment Rentals

Rent the Radio Equipment You Need

We can supply your company or organization with commercial grade two-way radios and other radio equipment to provide for your temporary communication needs. Whether you are hosting an event or need equipment for a temporary crew, with affordable rates, we can get you top-quality Motorola portable and mobile radio equipment available in UHF/VHF conventional analog or digital.

You can also rent a wide assortment of compatible headsets and speaker mics, including surveillance wire kits to fit and enhance your rental experience. We can also help supply you with spare batteries, multi-unit chargers, or any other accessory that helps your event or job run smoothly and ensure safety communication.

Whether you need 2 or 20, quantity for radio rental systems is not an issue.  Call (432) 332-0653 today for a quote.

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