Two-Way Radio Systems

Types Of Two-Way Radios We Carry & Service 

Two-way radio systems are widely used in various industries, offering a seamless and streamlined medium for uninterrupted connectivity. 

Our two-way radio models are completely safe and come with spark-proof interiors by default, ensuring complete peace of mind. 

Moreover, our two-way radios don’t depend on cell towers for connectivity, ensuring seamless communication even during unfortunate disasters. 

At Industrial Communications, Inc, we know that one 2-way model doesn’t suffice the varying needs of various industries and commercial operations. It is why we offer mobiles, repeaters, portables, and even base stations of varying capabilities, sizes, and price points. 

Whether you’re looking for a two-way radio system for your commercial operation, ranch use, event use or an industrial sector, trust Industrial Communications, Inc to offer a custom two-way radio and communication solutions to perfectly fit your specific needs. 

Mobile Two-Way Radios

Mobile types of radios offer the perfect solution for professionals working from a fixed location, offering the advantage of a constant power source while ensuring communication over an extended range. 

Working from a vehicle, the back of a horse, at an office, or covering an event, a mobile two-way radio system offers an ideal communication solution. 

Our two-way radios come with a mobile radio, battery power cables, vehicle mounting brackets, and handy microphones. Along with these accessories, we also carry building or vehicle-style antennas to further extend the coverage area. 

At Industrial Communications, Inc, we offer installation services for our mobile radios and base stations on your fleet vehicles and our two-way radio systems are highly popular across the school bus systems, public works department, a wide range of industries, and among city engineers. 

Portable Two-Way Radios

Portable two-way radio devices are handy and can be clipped to your belt for enhanced accessibility. 

We have a huge inventory of portable two-way radios to suit your needs, depending on your specific needs and working conditions and we offer heavy-duty, state-of-the-art, compact two-way radio models and more. 

Our portable two-way radio models are perfect for various industries and sectors, including ranches, amusement parks, shopping malls, hospitals, oil and gas companies, and more offering smart, reliable, and economical communication solution you can depend on for all your communication needs, regardless of the size of your operation. 

Base Stations

When you can’t miss a beat on your communication, our base station from INDUSTRIAL COMMUNICATIONS, INC will stand by you. 

We can make your mobile radio into a fully-functional base station by simply adding an external antenna, desktop power supply, and desktop microphone. 

The mobile radio stays connected to the power source for day operations, ensuring you don’t have to worry about it even when walking away from the desk. 

You can attach the base station to a dispatch console for individual-to-group or group-to-group communication. 

Moreover, our base station offers more coverage in dead spots, ensuring seamless communication even for projects in remote or rural areas. 

We also support base-station capabilities with compatible repeaters for clients looking for extended coverage.


Even with the best base stations, and portable and mobile two-way radios, communication can sometimes be interrupted. It depends on the construction of the building, the amount of obstruction, and the material used for the construction. 

We have found that even the best of business radio offers coverage to only 8 to 10 floors in sky-rise buildings or around a quarter mile coverage in a huge industrial or university campus. 

So, what’s the solution? 

Repeaters offer the perfect communication solution by repeating the signals of your two-way portable radio, base station, or mobile radio using better, high-powered antennas designed to extend the coverage area specifically for these situations. 

At INDUSTRIAL COMMUNICATIONS, INC, if you’re sure you need more than a two-way radio system, we would be happy to provide a customized solution and repeater set-up.

Radio Over IP

Do you have multiple sites you need connected? 

If yes, we offer customized radio over IP site connections for streamlined communication across your sites. We place repeaters at each of your multiple sites and connect them all via IP, allowing you to communicate seamlessly. 

Whether it’s just 5 or 250 locations, trust Industrial Communications, Inc to offer customized communication solutions you can depend on. 

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